Request Assistance

All applications for assistance from NEFAH must come from a veterinarian. If you are interested in assistance, your veterinarian or humane organization must be part of NEFAH’s network of care providers. Sadly, all requests cannot be honored as demand often outstrips the funds that are available.

Veterinarians looking for information on how to join our network should email us from our contact page. Thanks.

Request Assistance Form

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  • Pet Information

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  • Financial Information

  • Terms and Conditions:
    1. Hospital agrees to make a donation to the case by reducing the cost of care.
    2. Hospital agrees to provide before and after pictures of the patient, and an update as to the final outcome of the case.
    3. Hospital and Owner agree to allow NEFAH to post the case to social media sites for fund raising efforts.
    4. Owner and Hospital consent to NEFAH’s use of pictures and the medical information related to the case for our blog of success stories.
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