How it Works

Our Partners

The best place to find pets with critical health care needs is at a veterinary hospital, so NEFAH partners with veterinarians to facilitate healthy outcomes for pets with critical medical needs.

Dedicated veterinarians identify pets and pet owners who need our help. The truth is that most veterinarians give free care or discounted care to those in need all the time. Still, the need is often far greater than what good, caring, compassionate veterinarians can reasonably be expected to give. The demand on a veterinarian’s time, staff and budgets is great. NEFAH’s unique approach allows veterinarians to stretch their financial capacity to give back to the community.

Local humane societies and rescue groups often come to the rescue of a pet with significant medical needs, significant enough to create substantial medical care bills. Here again, NEFAH partners with the humane society, and then partners again with the attending veterinarian, and NEFAH facilitates a financial plan to ensure that the necessary pet care can be completed.

Our Program

The New England Foundation for Animal Health never pays an entire veterinary care bill. Instead, since NEFAH always seeks to create a win-win-win outcome for the pet, the pet owner, and the veterinarian, NEFAH asks that all parties contribute. The pet owner has to make some financial contribution. The veterinarian is asked to discount the cost of the needed service or procedure, and then NEFAH covers the difference.

An example from one of our recent cases helps illustrate. A dog owned by a veteran on disability is run over by a car and has a broken leg. The surgery to repair the fracture requires expertise and stainless steel implants and usually costs $1500. The owner cannot afford this fee, but with the help of friends and family, the owner can find $200. The veterinarian who normally charges $1500 for the surgery agrees to perform the procedure for $900, and NEFAH pays the $700 difference. The pet wins with a much needed medical procedure, the owner receives $1500 worth of care for $200, and the veterinarian has part of his or her costs covered, so they can do more good for the next patient who is in a similar situation.