Bailey’s Story

This is Bailey. Bailey found her human family when she was only three months old and Bailey and the two year old child in the family are best friends. Bailey’s humans state that she is so much more than a pet.

In February of this year, Bailey was hit by a truck, and her owners maxed out all of their credit cards paying for her life-saving care.  Unfortunately, Bailey had severe nerve damage to her front, right leg. A couple of months after her initial run in with the truck, Bailey’s nerve damage was no better, and in fact, she started to chew her paw off. The owners had been warned that if this happened, Bailey would need to have her leg amputated. The problem; Bailey’s owners had used all of their money for her initial care.  After several veterinary hospitals told Bailey’s owners they would need at least $1,500.00 for the surgery, Bailey landed at the Veremedy Pet Hospital. Veremedy works closely with NEFAH, and thanks to NEFAH’s program to help pet owners with financial needs, Bailey was able to have the amputation and her second chance! She is back to her playful self and loves to play in the stream with her best friend!

“Bailey’s doing so well with her amputation; she’s such a happy dog now that she doesn’t have that leg to worry about. I took Bailey and my other dog and my son down to play in the water the other day. She jumped in the water and chased the rocks that my son was throwing.

Thank you again for all your wonderful care!” – Bailey’s Owner


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